2016’s List of Top Testosterone Supplements


Testosterone is claimed to be the answer to fighting away aging. This offers a wide array of benefits for the health, such as in terms of concentration, muscle mass, memory, energy levels, and even libido. Without the normal levels of the hormone in the body, you will likely experience premature aging, which is not good at all. The hormone comes from the testicles primarily. In other words, if you want to retain its normal level, you must at least use agents that can act on testicles directly.

In order to help you with the matter, you should then settle with the following:

1. ProTestosterone

ProTestosterone is the number one solution you can find if you want to drive your testosterone levels up high. This promises to give you muscles of up to 600% in improvement. In addition to this, it is reported that upon taking the solution, you will get increased strength in just a matter of six weeks. It focuses on what testosterone can offer in relation to the development of masculine characteristics of a person. The product is available in a formulation having health effects, which include that of balanced testosterone levels, decreased blood pressure, and normalized cholesterol levels.


The Formulation

The muscle building booster can give you a series of potent ingredients, which will definitely help you a lot not only in altering testosterone levels, but also in giving your body the energy and passion it deserves. The essential nutrients present in the product are ginkgo extract, rhodolia extract, calcium, dicalcium phosphate, boron citrate, silicon dioxide, as well as stearic acid among others. Upon taking the solution at least twice every day, you will already get utmost benefits from the supplement.

The Benefits

Upon taking the solution regularly, you will definitely gain muscle-building benefits, which can be characterized by the firm and hard muscles on your body. On the other hand, it is also stated that with the solution, you will cause your fat levels to decrease, thereby increasing the development of new muscles. Other than that, if you are already losing hope with your sexual life, ProTestosterone will definitely give you the answer to bring your devices back to life, particularly in bed. Many people who have tried the solution reported sex drive increase. In addition to this, there are notes of erectile dysfunction survival.

Vegan Weight Loss


Slim model-like body is not given freely, one has to work really hard and sacrifice a lot of thing to achieve it.  So don’t call models lucky because they didn’t get their bodies by sitting in front of the television eating chips.  If you want that kind of body or at least a slimmer, healthier body, vegan weight loss might be right for you.

The premise of vegan weight loss is that you give up all animal products, processed foods and fast food and shift to an all-natural vegan diet.  This maybe hard at first but when you get used to it, it can lead to a healthier and happier you.  If you are willing to sacrifice and focus on the benefits that you will reap, this will become easier in time.

What Can You Eat11-vegan-diet-nutrient-deficiencies

Going vegan means giving up meat and other animal products but you can eat all the fruits and vegetables you want.  You can also have soy products instead of dairy and some processed foods from health food stores.  Here are some of the foods allowed aside from fruits and vegetables:

  • Soy products
  • Beans and nutsOrganic oils like canola oil, coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil
  • Whole-grain bread and cereals
  • Vegetable pasta, whole-wheat pasta, tortillas and organic corn chips
  • Brown rice, quinoa, barley, potatoes and sweet potatoes
  • Desserts sweetened by unrefined products like unprocessed honey, sugar cane juice, raw sugar, maple syrup and others
  • Decaffeinated green tea and organic red wine.
  • How Does It Work

By eliminating animal products and by-products from your diet, you will be eliminating unhealthy foods that are hard to digest.   This way, you take better care of your body, your health and your well-being.  By eating fresh fruits, vegetables and other organic products, you will also be cleansing your body from harmful elements.  Eating fruits and vegetables will boost your metabolism and will keep your organs healthy and functioning well.

You lose weight with the vegan diet because it is very low in saturated fats, cholesterol and calories.  When your body does not get enough calories for its normal functions, it uses up your stored fats allowing you to shed the weight and have a slimmer healthier body.

A Typical Meal Plan

You can be creative and eat foods that you like based on the allowed items but if you need guidance, here is a sample of a vegan meal plan:

Breakfast – peaches,  banana, mangoes, and soy milk

Lunch – organic vegetable salad with mangoes on the side and fresh fruit juice

Snack – organic corn chips and decaffeinated green tea

Dinner – vegetable pasta and water

How Effective is a Vegan Weight Loss Plan

Just because you go vegan does not guarantee weight loss.  You can still gain weight by going vegan.  There are fruits and vegetables that are high in carbohydrates and sugar that if taken in excess can be turned into fats.  It is important to plan a balanced vegan diet.  Meals should have protein sources like beans and soy products, and other important vitamins and nutrients like iron and vitamin B12.

If coupled with at least thirty minutes of exercise daily, the vegan weight loss plan can be very effective.  In most cases, vegans are slim and healthy.

Other Benefits of Vegan Weight Loss

Assortment of fruits and vegetables

Aside from weight loss, the vegan program also has other great benefits like lower cholesterol level and low blood pressure.  You also tend to use less medication since fruits and vegetables are good for your body and can help build a strong resistance from diseases.  Fruits and vegetables are also known to fight and help prevent cancer and other risky health complications.  You will also have more energy and your skin will be glowing and flawless.  All these benefits and more can be considered a money saving benefits too.

There is not one diet that can guarantee solution to a health problem.  But making healthy options like going with a vegan weight loss plan is one of the healthiest decisions one will ever make.  The sacrifices you will make when you go vegan is nothing compared to the health benefits you will enjoy late on.  So if you want to look good and feel good while taking care of your body at the same time, the vegan weight loss program will be perfect for you.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Work for Weight Loss?

Young healthy woman with fruits and vegetables. Diet.

Does the Garcinia Cambogia supplement really work for weight loss? With the increasing popularity of the Garcinia Cambogia supplements and the celebrity endorsement from Dr Oz, we hear of many success stories. At the same time, losing weight and fat is never and easy endeavor, so one cannot help but wonder if it is really a miracle pill. In this post, we will take a closer look at whether this supplement works.

The Garcinia Cambogia fruit has been widely used in Southeast Asia, India, and Africa as an ingredient to traditional dishes. Mixing the fruit to dishes makes it much more satisfying or filling. It was first used as a weight loss aid in Malaysia in the form of soup (assam soup). And today, it is contained in weight loss supplements that people all over the world are counting on for effective weight loss.


The main active ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxycitric acid HCA. It is found in the extract and it offers a variety of benefits including suppression of appetite, slowing lipid production and fat breakdown. With all these effects occurring at the same time, HCA undoubtedly aids in weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Helps With Appetite Suppression

There have been various studies conducted proving the ability of the extract with appetite control. One particular study involved 60 obese individuals who were randomly fed with a calorie-restricted diet and administered with HCA through 132 0mg daily dosage. Those who were given HCA lost 14 pounds of weight on average while those with the calorie-restricted diet lost an average of 6.1 pounds. The participants of the study fed with HCA claimed they felt their appetites were significantly reduced.

The Serotonin Connection

The main reason behind the appetite suppression capability of HCA is its ability to increase the body’s serotonin level. Serotonin is responsible for sending signals to the brain that makes a person feel good, get more sleep and feel more satisfied with food. It is a neurotransmitter that is commonly used in antidepressant drugs. With a low serotonin level, you can easily grow anxious and become prone to depression. Such negative feelings increase the tendency of emotional eating.

Garcinia Cambogia HCA works to encourage an increase in the body’s serotonin levels, and thereby aids with the improvement of mood. As a result, you are driven to less stressful moods that can force you to turn on food. As you feel satisfied, you find less need for food.

Researchers from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center reported serotonin helps you control your appetite in two ways. First, it works at stimulating neurons that directly control the appetite. Second, it blocks neurons which are responsible for increasing your appetite. According to the review published but the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Research, the extract from Garcinia Cambogia can boost your serotonin level by as much or even more than 40 percent.

Garcinia Works To Block And Break Down Fatevolution-slimming-garcinia-cambogia-pure-1-bottle-300x290

Another positive effect of HCA to the body is that it assists in the breaking down of fat. This occurs by impeding an important enzyme, the Citrate lyase, whose main responsibility is converting carbohydrates into fats. When your body is unable to use sugar as energy source, the body immediately converts and stores it as fat. But since HCA is able to stop the converting enzyme, this specific process is prevented. The LDL and tricglyceride levels also experience a significant decrease.

With Garcinia Cambogia’s ability to stop fat production, along being an appetite suppressor, users have reason to lose weight. As a matter of fact, researchers claim you can lose an average of two to four pounds in a month without changing a thing in your lifestyle. That said, to achieve your weight loss goals, we would still recommend that you add moderate exercise plus a healthy diet to the mix for best results.

Herbal Viagra: Does it Work? Is it Safe?

Herbal Viagra: Does it Work? Is it Safe?

The Internet is not short of the so-called “herbal Viagra” or “natural Viagra alternatives”, but do these medications work?

It isn’t easy to get a definitive answer on whether such over-the-counter (OTC) supplements work or not because, unlike prescription drugs, these products do not undergo the standard testing and approval process conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Herbal Viagra: Does it Work? Is it Safe?

Many people claim that they have used herbal versions of and that they worked, but many others are seeking to sue the X company that sold them fake herbal Viagra. In fact, studies show that most “natural” erection enhancers and sexual boosters sold online are scams that do not work.

While some herbal products may contain substances that improve blood flow to the genitals (the key function of Viagra), the effects are usually weaker and less reliable than those of approved prescription drugs, like Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra).

The fact that most (if not all) herbal pills sold over the Internet are manufactured in offshore, non-regulated factories makes it risky and un recommended to buy or use any of these products. Some of the Internet-sold supplements have been found to contain counterfeit, dangerous, and even deadly ingredients, despite that fact that the product had a thrilling brand name, and professionally designed advertisements and website.

Herbal Viagra: Does it Work? Is it Safe?

If you have erectile dysfunction, or any other form of sexual dysfunction, viagra online Australia see a physician to discuss proven medications that can help you effectively, safely and risk-free.