Does Garcinia Cambogia Work for Weight Loss?

Does the Garcinia Cambogia supplement really work for weight loss? With the increasing popularity of the Garcinia Cambogia supplements and the celebrity endorsement from Dr Oz, we hear of many success stories. At the same time, losing weight and fat is never and easy endeavor, so one cannot help but wonder if it is really a miracle pill. In this post, we will take a closer look at whether this supplement works.

The Garcinia Cambogia fruit has been widely used in Southeast Asia, India, and Africa as an ingredient to traditional dishes. Mixing the fruit to dishes makes it much more satisfying or filling. It was first used as a weight loss aid in Malaysia in the form of soup (assam soup). And today, it is contained in weight loss supplements that people all over the world are counting on for effective weight loss.


The main active ingredient of Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxycitric acid HCA. It is found in the extract and it offers a variety of benefits including suppression of appetite, slowing lipid production and fat breakdown. With all these effects occurring at the same time, HCA undoubtedly aids in weight loss.

Garcinia Cambogia Helps With Appetite Suppression

There have been various studies conducted proving the ability of the extract with appetite control. One particular study involved 60 obese individuals who were randomly fed with a calorie-restricted diet and administered with HCA through 132 0mg daily dosage. Those who were given HCA lost 14 pounds of weight on average while those with the calorie-restricted diet lost an average of 6.1 pounds. The participants of the study fed with HCA claimed they felt their appetites were significantly reduced.

The Serotonin Connection

The main reason behind the appetite suppression capability of HCA is its ability to increase the body’s serotonin level. Serotonin is responsible for sending signals to the brain that makes a person feel good, get more sleep and feel more satisfied with food. It is a neurotransmitter that is commonly used in antidepressant drugs. With a low serotonin level, you can easily grow anxious and become prone to depression. Such negative feelings increase the tendency of emotional eating.

Garcinia Cambogia HCA works to encourage an increase in the body’s serotonin levels, and thereby aids with the improvement of mood. As a result, you are driven to less stressful moods that can force you to turn on food. As you feel satisfied, you find less need for food.

Researchers from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center reported serotonin helps you control your appetite in two ways. First, it works at stimulating neurons that directly control the appetite. Second, it blocks neurons which are responsible for increasing your appetite. According to the review published but the International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Research, the extract from Garcinia Cambogia can boost your serotonin level by as much or even more than 40 percent.

Garcinia Works To Block And Break Down Fatevolution-slimming-garcinia-cambogia-pure-1-bottle-300x290

Another positive effect of HCA to the body is that it assists in the breaking down of fat. This occurs by impeding an important enzyme, the Citrate lyase, whose main responsibility is converting carbohydrates into fats. When your body is unable to use sugar as energy source, the body immediately converts and stores it as fat. But since HCA is able to stop the converting enzyme, this specific process is prevented. The LDL and tricglyceride levels also experience a significant decrease.

With Garcinia Cambogia’s ability to stop fat production, along being an appetite suppressor, users have reason to lose weight. As a matter of fact, researchers claim you can lose an average of two to four pounds in a month without changing a thing in your lifestyle. That said, to achieve your weight loss goals, we would still recommend that you add moderate exercise plus a healthy diet to the mix for best results.

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